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Chrome DUB Emblems

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One of the first things that a lot of us do to our vehicles when we first get them is change the wheels. If the vehicle isn’t already fitted with alloys then we want to change them and in some cases even when our vehicles are fitted with alloys we still want to change them. One of the most popular wheels that we like to place on our vehicles are DUB wheels.

DUB is a representation of wheels that are 20 or more inches in diameter, they are called DUB for the obvious reason that it is slang for twenty. This brand is extremely popular among car enthusiasts and thanks to its popularity there have been a number of off shoot products such as DUB magazine, which is a popular automotive enthusiast magazine. It tailors its content to cover material chiefly pertaining to urban vehicles and the people that own them.

If you are one of the many people who use DUB wheels then why not customize your vehicle further? I am of course referring to the use of DUB chrome emblems. What these are is a representation of ABS high impact plastic and plated with chrome. They are very high quality and guaranteed for the life of your vehicle. As soon as you place these emblems onto the paintwork of your vehicle they are secure and are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle. No matter how exposed to the elements they are or how often you wash your vehicle your chrome emblem will never come loose. However on the same note if you do want to remove the emblem you can do so by pulling it off. This may be slightly tough to move but no matter how much force you have to use you don’t have to worry about the emblem causing any damage to your paintwork.

If you do use DUB products then a chrome DUB emblem can really set off the overall look of your vehicle. There are a number of options open to you when it comes to which emblems you make use of, for example you could simply opt for one that states DUB or you can get them to refer to the size of your wheels so this could be anything from 20” to 28”. Unlike most emblems, which are placed on the rear of a vehicle, a lot of people opt to place their DUB emblems on the wheel arch, which makes sense considering it is referring to the wheels of your vehicle.

As with other types of chrome emblems, DUB ones are self adhesive, it is a simple matter of peeling and placing on your vehicle. You simply choose where you want to place them and ensure they are straight before sticking them down.

Let everyone know what wheels are on your vehicle through the use of these chrome vehicle emblems and make your vehicle ooze style. They are inexpensive to get hold of but the look that they create is one that looks like it’s just came off the production line. So to create this look simply get yourself some adhesive DUB chrome emblems.

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